New Forest Animal Osteopathy

Animal & Owner Treatments & Services

Below you can find more information about the treatments and services that are available. These include osteopathic treatment, rehabilitation and home-support services. Click on each image for more information.

Horse and Rider Treatments & Services

Eleanor offers a range of equine support services, including treatment (osteopathy and kinesio-taping), rehabilitation, training and exercise. Eleanor also offers rider services, such as biomechanics, rider rehabilitation and osteopathic treatment.

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Dogs, Cats, Small Animals & Owners

Eleanor offers a range of canine, feline and small animal services, including treatment (osteopathy, kinesio-taping), rehabilitation, training and exercise plans. Treatment/packages are bespoke answering the needs of your animal.

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Exotics, Wildlife & Farm Animal

Eleanor has experience treating exotics, farm animals and wildlife. She offers bespoke treatment and rehabilitation as suitable for the individual’s care. Working with the specific environmental and training requirements for each case.

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