Owner Treatments

Treatment for Animal Owners and Their Families

Needing treatment yourself? We can help.

Eleanor and Dustie have two clinics based nearby in the New Forest and Sandbanks.

As dog owners, we have a huge impact on our dog’s lifestyle and care, often we put our dogs before ourselves in the way of food, treatment, health and exercise but we owe it to our animals to ensure that we are the in best place possible to look after and exercise them. They will after all be dealing with the parameters that you lay down and if you aren’t able to give them the activity/exercise they need, this may impact their long term health.

As such is it common for us to treat both dog and owner to ensure peak performance or just improved quality of life and enjoyment for both parties.

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Family member need an appointment?

Osteopathy utilises the body’s own ability to self heal most dis-eases, aches and pains and regulate itself in order to help each individual. We treat patients from all walks of life, from newborns to more mature individuals with a whole range of symptoms and injuries.

We combine functional, cranial, structural, biodynamic and visceral osteopathic treatment to help each individual.

Whether it be a work or sports related injuries, postural fatigue, headache, abdominal discomfort, age or stress related aches and pains and general health issues (and this list is not exhaustive). Or you have just got caught up in day to day stresses of “life” or need help to find the knowledge required to make the changes your body needs.

It is our role as an osteopath to act as an educator and facilitator to help you to find the way back to health.

Our doors are open to all who seek total health and wellbeing

Clinic Locations

New Forest Osteopathy
The Retreat,
New Forest,
BH23 7EF
Sandbanks Osteopathy,
Sandbanks Yacht Company,
32 Panorama Rd,
BH13 7RD

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