Equine Laminitis part 1 (of 3) an introduction:

This post introduces you to the topic of Equine Laminits. Over the next couple of blog posts, we shall look more closely at its, causes, clinical signs, diagnostics and treatment. Did you know that 1 in 10 horses/ponies develop Laminitis each year and that 45% of owners do not recognise their horse’s symptoms as LaminitisContinue reading “Equine Laminitis part 1 (of 3) an introduction:”

New diagnostics in Osteoarthritis

RVC have been working in collaboration with other universities to discover more accurate techniques for understanding joint behaviour in osteoarthritis. As an Animal Osteopath, I often work with dogs/horses who have this condition. Treatment, home management and rehabilitation can greatly improve quality of life in these cases. They state: “Osteoarthritis is a condition that causesContinue reading “New diagnostics in Osteoarthritis”