Feline and Small Domesticated Animal Prices

Prices for Treatment, Rehabilitation & Travel

Initial consultation and treatment:

New Patient up to 60 mins £58.00* (time/price dependant on complexity of the case**).

Follow up session:

  • Up to 30 minutes £45.00*
  • Up to 45 minutes £58.00*

Rehabilitation sessions:

  • Up to 30 minutes £45.00*
  • Up to 45 minutes £58.00*

Single call out visits will be charged at the 45 minute rate unless multiple animals are seen in the same town on the same date.

Where possible, Eleanor will try to allocate patients in similar areas on the same day, to avoid undue costs to the owners.

*Price excludes VAT

**Please note complex cases requiring extensive or advanced medical history and analysis prior to initial consultation will incur additional fees (invoiced at the rate of £15 per 15 minutes) to cover additional time taken to thoroughly review and analyse your anaimal’s case prior to assessment.


Treatment/Rehabilitation fee includes travel within 10 miles of Highcliffe

This includes areas such as:

  • St Katherine’s Hill
  • Hurn
  • Christchurch
  • West and Central Lymington
  • Central and South Brockenhurst
  • Sway
  • New Milton
  • Milford on Sea
  • Burton on Sea
  • Keyhaven
  • East Bournemouth
  • Burley
  • Bransgore

For locations more than 10 miles but less than 15 miles from Highcliffe, travel will be charged at a flat rate of £10

This includes areas such as:

  • East Poole
  • Central and South East Canford Magna
  • Ringwood
  • North Brockenhurst
  • Lyndhurst
  • Central and West Beaulieu
  • West Bournemouth
  • Central and South Minstead

For locations over 15 miles from Highcliffe, travel will be charged at the flat rate of £10 plus a fee of 50p per mile for the return journey

Please note:

  • Journeys will be calculated using the fastest route setting on Google Maps.
  • Any toll or parking charges incurred as a result of this journey/treatment are to be paid by the owner.

Where possible patients in similar locations will be allocated sessions on the same day and travel fees divided between them in order to reduce costs for owners.

Contact NFAO for more information or bookings.

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