Testing for Neuronal Ceroid Lupofascinosis (NCL) in Salukis

NCL is a severe inherited disease which causes a gradual degeneration of the nervous system. Signs and symptoms vary widely between the forms but generally include a combination of dementia, vision loss and epilepsy. In Salukis, NCL has been observed with progressive signs of lack of coordination from around one year of age (Appleby et al., 1982).

There is an interesting article from the BSAVA regarding the new official DNA testing scheme for neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL) in the Saluki. Newly approved by The Kennel Club following consultation with the breed’s health coordinator on behalf of the breed clubs.

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The Equine Heart

Did you know that a horse’s heart can range from 30 beats per minute at rest to 240 bmp when galloping!
The heart of a thoroughbred at rest pumps 35 litres of blood per minute compared to five by a human heart.
Common cardiac problems that hinder equine performance, particularly in athlete horses, include murmurs (abnormal blood flow) and arrhythmias (abnormal cardiac rhythms).

Here is a link to a nice little summary fact sheet for owners from the RVC regarding the equine heart and performance. Here at NFAO we regularly auscultate the heart and take horse’s pulses if there is any symptomology that the cardiovascular system is involved or compromised.