Feline/Small Animal Initial Consultation

What to Expect on a First Visit

Prior to visiting you and your animal. Eleanor will ask you to complete and return a case history form and will ensure Veterinary consent is gained.

During an initial visit to assess and treat your animal. Eleanor will review your case history document with you, asking any additional questions required. The information gathered will enable Eleanor to better understand your animal’s situation and potential aetiology for their current symptom presentation and to understand your goals, targets and realistic time your can put into your animal’s management plan.

Your animal will undergo observation, gait assessment. This may include the use of slow motion videoing to assist with assessment and may include asking you to carry out specific activities or movements your regularly undertake or that are relevant (as appropriate for the individual case). After which active testing and a full passive assessment will be undertaken. Further testing to help rule out systemic or neurological components may also be carried out if pertinent.

Eleanor will then discuss her findings with you and explain how these factors are likely to link as they manifest in your animal, leading to the current symptomology.

If appropriate, Eleanor will then undertake a bespoke treatment of your animal using a variety of appropriate osteopathic techniques adapted to the individual, before offering homecare exercises/management advice as appropriate to each individual.

If treatment is contraindicated, and veterinary referral required, Eleanor will converse with your Vet to ensure appropriate care for your animal is achieved.

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